Dental Restoration

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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Modern advancements in materials have made obsolete the metal band and dark grey line that plagued some dental crowns and bridges. Today, materials such as lithium disilicate and zirconia allow us to restore strength and function to your mouth, and improve the way they look. Our highly-experience dental team can place dental crowns, or "caps" right over your natural tooth, restoring your teeth and smile!

Dental Crowns

Dental Implants

Restore your smile and confidence with Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Modern dental advancements have made dealing with the pain and embarrassment of missing teeth a thing of the past.  Implants are currently the best way to replace missing teeth. The process begins with our dental surgeon placing a small titanium screw into the jawbone. Our dental specialists know exactly how to place the implant in a way that minimizes the pain. We then wait the appropriate amount of time for the bone to grow around the implant, and then place a porcelain crown on top to replace the missing tooth. Dental implants function and feel almost exactly like your natural teeth. Anything you could eat with natural teeth you can eat with dental implants - and best of all you never have to worry about cavities! Call today for your consultation.

Thoughtful Tooth Removal in a relaxing Environment

Tooth Extractions

If you need a tooth removed you want it done as comfortably as possible. Whether you want the tooth replaced with an implant, bridge, or partial denture, planning for that prior to removing the tooth can save both time and money. Our dentists go over all your options with you, and walk you through the procedure ahead of time, so you feel confident the moment you sit down in our massage chairs that you will receive the best experience possible.

Tooth Extractions


Full and Partial Dentures in Southwest Michigan


The St. Joseph Dentistry team of highly-experienced dentists can match you with the best denture option to meet your needs.

Full Dentures
We want you to have the best fitting and longest lasting dentures possible. We use only the highest quality materials for our custom-made, removable dentures and guarantee that you’ll look good and be able to chew comfortably.

Immediate Dentures
Immediate dentures are delivered immediately following the removal of natural teeth. Though they look and function great, you may need several adjustments four-to-six months after being fitted with your new dental appliance.

Custom Dentures
With today’s technology, the dentists at St. Joseph Dentistry are able to use some of the best looking and strongest acrylic teeth. Not only do they feel great, our custom dentures can allow you to go about your daily activities with comfort and confidence.

Partial Dentures
We offer two types of partial dentures – cast metal and acrylic. Cast metal dentures are the strongest option. They are very light weight, and offer a great fit. These partials have a metal framework that uses your natural teeth as support. Cast metal partials are extremely durable and last for many years. Acrylic partial dentures are less expensive than cast metal partials, but can feel bulkier. Acrylic partial dentures can be a great option for someone with 1-3 missing teeth where aesthetics are an issue.

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