Proper Tooth Brushing for Kids

14 May

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The St. Joseph Dentistry dental team answers questions about treatment, and how to achieve great oral health at any age.
Help Your Child Keep Track of their Tooth Brushing Routine

Promoting healthy habits at a young age with your children is key. From the moment you start to notice your baby’s first teeth coming in it’s time to introduce them to proper brushing and flossing techniques. For toddlers and older children, you can help make brushing fun and part of their daily routine with the help of  our brushing calendar. Print out the calendar and stickers to reward them and keep track of their morning and evening tooth brushing and flossing routine.

Proper Brushing Techniques for Kids

It takes just two minutes to watch this video – the same amount of time your children should spend brushing their teeth two times a day. Gather the kids around and watch, as the St. Joseph Dentistry team shares tips on how to properly brush those baby teeth.

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