Fixing Cavities without a Dentist’s Drill

The No Shot Crown

Recommended Choice for Managing Tooth Decay in Children

At St. Joseph Dentistry, we are proud to offer non-invasive, restorative treatments for our young patients who have cavities. Using a special process, known in the academic world as the Hall Technique, our dentists can place a stainless steel crown around the affected baby tooth without the need for needles, sedation, or drills. St. Joseph Dentistry’s Dr. Charles Howenstine, DDS, says this method, also known as the No Shot Crown, offers kids a more comfortable, and less scary, option when they require treatment.

“We wanted to help as many children as possible, while providing a positive experience,” says Howenstine. “If your child has a cavity, our dentists are able to quickly and carefully place a stainless steel dental crown over that primary molar – essentially sealing that decay – until your child loses that tooth.”

How it Works

First, our dentists use elastic bands and floss them between your child’s teeth. Then, we place a preformed crown over the tooth. Crowns are selected depending on your child’s tooth type, location and size. Once the correct size crown is chosen, our dentists are able to seal the crown over the affected tooth using a special cement.

“As long as the baby tooth doesn’t have pain and is clinically restorable, meaning there is enough tooth to put a crown on, we can generally restore most primary teeth often without the need to remove decay,” says Howenstine. “Young patients often tolerate this method better while keeping them out of operating rooms and emergency rooms.” 

Studies have shown teeth restored with preformed crowns are less likely to develop problems or cause pain in the long term, when compared to fillings. However, it’s important to note the Hall Technique, or No Shot Crown, is not recommended for everyone. Patients known to be sensitive or allergic to nickel are not good candidates for the procedure. Make sure to tell your dentist if this is the case for your child.


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